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Factoria has been helping multinational companies and their suppliers for over 30 years, supporting their manufacturing operations in Mexico since 1989. We currently offer a wide array of solutions that can help you by minimizing your risk and investment requirements, so you can take advantage of lower labor rates and our strategic location with relatively short start-up times:

  • outsourcing, contract and shared-resources manufacturing
  • warehousing, just-in-time deliveries, logistics, import/export
  • engineering representation, supplier improvement and containment programs
  • outsourcing of personnel in all operational areas
  • sorting and rework (CS2 agents for Ford and Visteon)

Factoria fue fundada en 1989 en la ciudad de Chihuahua, México, ofreciendo servicios de soporte a proveedores de la industria maquiladora local.

Empezamos trabajando con proveedores de la planta de Motores Ford en Chihuahua, para después expandernos a las cadenas de suministro de otras plantas locales.

Hoy en día ofrecemos nuestros servicios para varios OEMs y Tier 1s de las industrias automotriz y electrónica. Estamos certificados en IATF 16949.

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BM Castings

BM CASTINGS offers the best Italian die casting technology in Mexico.

An IATF 16949 aluminum die casting company located in the city of

Chihuahua, Mexico, focused on the automotive, commercial appliances,

industrial applications and consumer electronics markets. Better

understanding of technical issues for better and faster solutions. 

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